Time Sheet

In any organization, time is an invaluable commodity. Managing time in order to increase the productivity of the organization is of utmost importance. A strategic decision not taken at the correct time may lead to irreparable damages to an organization in terms of profit as well as reputation.

Hence, we at BlockHQ have provided you with all the tools that are essential in managing the time properly and optimally.

In this case, we have provided you with a fully-fledged scheduling program which will cater to all your needs.

In mainly includes the following features.

  1. Scheduling of meetings.
  2. Scheduling of labour routines.
  3. Scheduling of team tasks.

Hence, the schedule provided by us will enable efficient resource planning and near real time works confirmation from field teams using the native API integrations, organizations will be able to integrate employee time entries into the enterprise system hassle-free which will be instrumental in reducing non-core costs.