Enablement can be defined as the process of empowering individuals and enhance the skills and competencies. In terms of an organization, these individuals become the employees, customers and public. Enablement of employees will be instrumental in making smart and timely decisions leading to an effective and productive organization.

In the stream of IT, enablement of apps plays a key role. In fact, the apps must be optimized for promoting the enablement. But practically, in a single organization, more than single app is used.

A solution for multiple use of apps is designing of a single app that has the capability for doing all the needed processes. That’s where we come into the picture. We at BlockHQ provide an app that has all the features integrated together. Simply stated, BlockHQ provides teamchain enablement using a one for all app.

Team Chat

In any organization, speech is one of the most prominent ways in which information is transferred. When a team is considered, conversation between the team members act as the main source of information transfer. Hence, team chat plays a very […]

Time Sheet

In any organization, time is an invaluable commodity. Managing time in order to increase the productivity of the organization is of utmost importance. A strategic decision not taken at the correct time may lead to irreparable damages to an organization […]

File Share

In any team or organization, some information need to be freely available to be used by every user. In that case, it is convenient if those files are shared to everyone. In BlockHQ, we have provided the admin with the […]