Graphical interpretation of data is easier and time saving when arriving at a decision based on the data. Due to the reporting and customizable dashboarding capabilities which come inbuilt with the BlockHQ, any user can easily can see his/her data graphically avoiding misinterpretation of data.

In any application, it is an added advantage when a user can see his/her data graphically. It is easier and time saving when a person can view a data set given graphically as opposed to text for arriving at some conclusion or a decision. Many applications in the market lacks this feature.


But, BlockHQ provi des reporting and dashboarding capabilities which will be instrumental in visualizing and interpreting the data more comprehensively. In addition to the inbuilt dashboard facility, any user can define his/her own report template using the BlockHQ reports composer consisting of data structures that the user can define when initiating the platform. Hence, it can be concluded that BlockHQ provides the user with a fully customized experience.

Simply stated, BlockHQ, with the features mentioned below provides the user with a fully customizable, immersive experience.