Identity and access management (IAM)

Identity and access management plays a key role in any organization. It will provide security as well as identification and authentication of the users that are in the system at any given time. The specialty of BlockHQ is that it is a platform capable of providing a fully-fledged and an innovative IAM. By using BlockHQ, you will be able to gain a myriad of advantages which are absent in the current applications.

Identity management is a key component in in any organizational process. It can be defined as the security discipline that enables the correct individual to access the correct resources at the correct time for the correct reasons. A properly maintained identity management system will provide security as well as accurate identification and authentication of any user at any given time. In addition to the authentication of a user, an identity management system will also provide the system administrators with the tools and technologies necessary in modifying any user’s role, track any user activity, create reports based on any activity and enforce policies based on those reports.

Here in BlockHQ, we provide a comprehensive, state of the art identity management system with all the cutting edge tools and technologies found in a modern top of the line identity management system. BlockHQ comprises of the following features in the scope of identity and access management.

Identity Federation and SSO: The support for multiple SSO protocols such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0 and WS Federation to provide an extensible and a unified SSO experience.

Strong Authentication: Capability to enforce multi-factor authentication with SMS/Email OTP (one-time password), MePIN, Duo security, Fast Identity Online (FIDO) and more.

Multi Factor Authentication: Access security provided by the multi factor authentication for data and applications making the sign-in process simple and seamless. An array of verification options such as SMS, push notifications etc. are enabled.

Identity administration and governance: Capability to manage users or groups with automated provisioning and approval workflows.

Access control: Role based authorization and XACML attribute based access control. An Oauth 2.0 based comprehensive security model is provided to secure access to APIs.

Monitoring, reporting and auditing: Authentication analytics and reporting to identify authentication patterns of users enabling auditing of privileged operations.

Connectors: Built-in connectors and extensibility to build new connectors to meet access management and multi-factor authentication requirements.

With BlockHQ, you will be able enjoy the following benefits not found in any contemporary identity management system.

  • Ease of access
  • Future proof customizable connectivity
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved user experience
  • Fully fledged security to each and every aspect
  • Platform agnostic connectivity