Meaningless data are transformed into meaningful information using analytic techniques. Hence, analytics play a major role in a data collection platform. Using the powerful analytic tools in BlockHQ, you will be able to obtain polished information from the raw data and thereby promoting timely and effective decision making capability which you can capitalize on.

Data are just meaningless if they can’t be manipulated in obtaining meaningful information. Data analytics is the transformation of those meaningless data into meaningful information that can be used in the process of decision making.

We at BlockHQ understand the importance of analytics. Hence, we have provided the users with an environment powerful and capable of transforming data to meaningful information which can be used to improve your business. The following features of BlockHQ is the main reason for being the number one mobile enabled omni-channel cloud platform.


Wider connectivity

  • Connect to all your data via an array of connectors or custom integrations.
  • Easy data composing via interactive dashboard and easy integration of various profiles, predictions and KPIs.

Intelligent Predictions

  • BlockHQ understands patterns out of your business flows using contextual data representation and AI and make impotrant predictions to make your business better.

Smarter decisions

  • Create custom machine learning models as per your business requirement to properly utilize the AI to predict the business outcomes.
  • Identify positive and negative factors to plan for the future and to make timely and effective process integration decisions.

Customizable data representation

  • Make your own analytics dashboard using highly customizable BlockHQ analytics engine which will aid you in understanding your stakeholders and customers better by defining the metrics that affects your business and keep them updated.
  • Integrate the defined metrics into various business processes and rules you defined on BlockHQ.