the platform

A Platform can be defined as a structure that allow multiple components to be built inside a single framework. It’s cost effective and time saving in the long run as future products can be developed on top of a IT platform instead of building them stand-alone. blockHQ provides a mobile enabled,  omni-channel cloud platform that is easy to use and resource efficient, combining the capabilities of location based information collection, manipulation and disbursement for teams in organisations.

We have taken immaculate care in giving our users 100% satisfaction in every way possible. To achieve perfection, we have considered each and every aspect of our platform with utmost scrutiny which includes identity and access management, rule engine, reporting, analytics, API and IoT.

Rule Engine

A rule engine executes rules created by a user. In BlockHQ, each user gets the ability to create his/her own rules in manipulating the data of that user. The rule engine of BlockHQ is based on a GUI to facilitate […]


Meaningless data are transformed into meaningful information using analytic techniques. Hence, analytics play a major role in a data collection platform. Using the powerful analytic tools in BlockHQ, you will be able to obtain polished information from the raw data […]


Graphical interpretation of data is easier and time saving when arriving at a decision based on the data. Due to the reporting and customizable dashboarding capabilities which come inbuilt with the BlockHQ, any user can easily can see his/her data […]

Identity and access management (IAM)

Identity and access management plays a key role in any organization. It will provide security as well as identification and authentication of the users that are in the system at any given time. The specialty of BlockHQ is that it […]