What is BlockHQ

blockHQ is a mobile enabled platform for location based information collection and disbursement in teams for organizations. blockHQ mobile app “teamchain” for iOS and android explores team based user experience customization, transforming engagement and enablement. 


Rapid growth in technology offerings challenges organizations and businesses to evolve and adapt. Reducing IT costs and MBaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other cloud offerings have threatened traditional businesses industries/environments and markets to innovate.

The businesses perception of “IT as a support service” is shifting towards “IT as business enabler”. Internally business functions and processes are being re-engineered aided through enterprise digital transformation. IT also used to enable field works personal and provided a virtual work environment shifting away form the traditional pen and paper model.

Reduced IT costs also means reduced market barriers for competition.  Provided that the organization has a proper IT and business strategy.

 “technology is not expensive and it shouldn’t be hard to use” at blockhq we understand the growing need of enterprise digital transformation. We forces on providing tools for the gig based economy for teams in organizations transforming enablement and engagement, creating value.

the platform

A Platform can be defined as a structure that allow multiple components to be built inside a single framework. It’s cost effective and time saving in the long run as future products can be developed on top of a IT […]


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API’s / SDK Roadmap

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