The future of facilities management

The facility management services market is reaching an all time high in most parts of the world. In fact, it will be worth more than USD 1.3 billion by 2020 in the European market (, 2018).

While delivering and providing a sustained support services to meet strategic needs of an organisation FM services are not confined to a set of services but has shown a vast growth and have entered almost every area to ease the lives of individuals.

Todays FM service;

  • Increase the cost-efficiency of the business
  • Manage health and safety requirements
  • Increase the lifespan of your assets
  • Monitor and maintain compliance

The increased use of technology in this industry means that more and more companies are changing the way their internal resources are managed (McGregor, 2017). Industry partners are faced with the challenge of having to upgrade their systems to meet this level of technology change. Computers allow multiple equipment and components to be connected on a centralised operation platform for easier diagnostics and maintenance.

Remote analytics system for building management can be the ideal solution to this rising challenge. These system will utilise sensors and devices to successfully monitor and collect data to provide an accurate picture of how well a building/property is performing. This will improve business process and provide management with the option to make informed decisions.


Case Study 1

The following case study of  the NANTUM solution by Intel computers is a great example of how this type of system can be beneficial for property managers.

NANTUM is a cloud based system developed by Intel that integrates with existing building management systems. The aim of this system is to help property managers and building owners to heighten the efficiency and value of buildings with IoT:

NANTUM was deployed at 345 Park Avenue, a 1.8 million square foot building in NYC and the system was successfully able to save energy without the need to sacrifice tenant comfort. The project was able to bring about benefits such as decreased electricity consumption by 11% year after year, which contributed to $1.5 million in energy savings over a three year period (Intel Corporation, 2018).

Case Study 2

Gisele-Lalonde Secondary school in Ontario, Canada is among one of the first schools to go full IoT-ready schools in North America (Schnaidt, 2016). School classrooms are not the most comfortable places for learning as they suffer from poor ventilation, lighting and a BMS that is controlled by off site managers who can’t react to real time events in the school buildings. With the current Smart building initiative, Gisele-Lalonde Secondary school aims to reduce energy consumption and improve community satisfaction. The promising outcomes that this initiative hopes to bring about include;

–       Metering water and natural gas

–       Benchmarking Kilowatt hours (kWh) per student

–       Actively measuring and managing carbon dioxide levels

–       Tracking building occupancy in real time

–       Creating a safer and more productive learning environment for students

The above case studies cover some of the most common use cases in the smart building/ intelligent facility space, which are being adopted by an increasing amount of partners in the property management industry. With the emerging trends of big data, smart devices and IOT …. more and more value creating use cases are emerging.


Here at blockHQ we strictly stick by our primary objective of creating value for our partners and within their organisation through engagement and enablement. We help build simple business solutions using software and hardware. Data is everywhere and we believe in the opportunities created by transforming data into information. Our teams are experienced in research & developments as well as versed in product/ solution design. Using a secret mix of lean and agile methodologies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, integrated systems, sensors and devices we deliver quick and effective solutions.


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