Mobile Apps

The use of the entity called the mobile apps is becoming an increasing trend in the modern world. Due to the usefulness of mobile apps, it has become an essential tool in the digital workspace. But, the extensive introduction of mobile apps may lead to a problematic situation called “app fatigue”. The optimum solution to this problem can be obtained by making use of employee enablement mobile markets.

In an era where new innovations increase the level of sophistication of the technology sector exponentially, organizations need to improve their quality and the productivity of their workforce in order to compete in the current market. Hence, employers need to be more technology oriented and efficient. In this battle for achieving perfection in an organization, some employers emerge as champions having new innovative ideas which can lead to an improvement or to a disruption of the tasks at hand.

In these always evolving organizations, an upcoming trend is the use of an entity called a mobile app. Simply defined, a mobile app can be defined as a software developed targeting a specific group of people in order to facilitate their work. The use of mobile apps is very popular among people and most people prefer the use of mobile apps instead of over the counter service as they can save invaluable time and money. In fact, Gartner has said that ““Mobile apps are essential to a digital workplace.”

Although mobile apps can be quite efficient, the extensive introduction of mobile apps to the market may lead to a situation known as the “app fatigue”. App fatigue can be simply defined as the overabundance of apps. In fact, it has been estimated that by 2020, 50% of enterprises will have more than 100 mobile apps available in their private app stores. The effect of this app fatigue is 2-fold. An organization will have to divert more resources in order to maintain a myriad of apps. Due to the limited storage capabilities of the mobile devise, the customers will face a conundrum on which apps to install and what not to install.

App fatigue can be minimized if organizations make use of employee enablement mobile markets in order to filter the key features which are necessary and redundant features which are seldom used. In this process, methods like location based timesheets, surveys, inspections, team communications (messaging) and other data collection (forms) can be implemented in order to extract the relevant information.