The Problem

Enterprise digital transformation is a timely requirement for all organisations to be competitive in the global economic landscape. Workspace digitalisation and field workforce enablement needs have increased the corporate app portfolios in rapid size. In fact, the introduction of mobile apps to the market is increasing exponentially and may lead to a problematic situation in the near future. “an app for everything” increased ITS costs for organisations as well as impacting the user experience.  Hence, there is a growing interest in the market to design apps to avoid this situation.

Data lying in independent silos require context and other data, so it can be analysed and presented  informatively. Information require multiple data silos to be integrated and analysed in context. multiple information streams combined with personal experiences and instinct is knowledge. In this knowledge based economy it is key to make informed decisions at every level of the organisations.

Over 70% of organisations still use at least one or more legacy systems in their environment, with partial or no integration. Core systems require integration with apps and other support systems to provide end-to-end integration for an effective flow of data and information within the organisation. having a portfolio of siloed systems to support process and tasks ultimately increase training, support and system costs while decreasing information availability within the organisation.

At Block HQ we are focused on team enablement and engagement, We understand the need for tools in the emerging gig based economy, providing transparency across the value chain, bringing “trust”​ into systems and distributing value “on demand”​ by facilitating the value creators.

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