teamchain mobile backend as a service for
engagemnet and enablement.

The only app that you will ever need,
teamchain is a simple and easy to use mobile application build for
mobile teams working in and around buildings and facilities.

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Keeping track of employee time sheets has been made easier and more accurate than ever before. put away the bulky time sheets and allow teamchain to record employee shift times with location-based accuracy.
Time is an invaluable commodity. Hence, we at BlockHQ have provided you with all the tools that are essential in managing the time properly and optimally. A fully-fledged scheduling program in the teamchain app allows you to schedule meetings, labour routines and many more.
Quick access lets you share external URLs without the need to navigated to an external web browser. Thus increasing productivity and providing you with a fast and responsive user experience.
Using broadcast notifications administrators of groups are able to send out quick messages to employees or teammates without a hassle, in real time.
Team chat plays a very important role in the proper functioning of a team. We at BlockHQ understand this, which is why we have integrated real-time messaging capabilities among individuals or groups into teamchain.

The teamchain mobile back-end as a service is a one of a kind app available on android and iOS mobile platforms. The app features enablement and 21st-century customer service neatly packaged into one offering. You can use teamchain for managing employees, team members, time-sheet entries, communication or for any structured data collection with the use of custom forms.

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blockHQ helping RMIT !

Our mobile app teamchain is being trialled by RMIT property services with the hope of deploying across the RMIT property portfolio including the city and bandoora campuses and in Vietnam.

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