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Graphically represented data is an easier and time-saving method for analysing data. The reporting and customizable dashboard which comes inbuilt with blockHQ, allows users to easily view data in a graphically represented way. Thus, helping to avoid misinterpretation of data.
The powerful analytic tools in blockHQ help to obtain polished information from raw data. This promotes timely and effective decision-making capabilities which you can capitalize on.
In many organizations, the rules input to the rule engine can be modified by a selected few. However, blockHQ allows users to do what they want with the data they own using the rule engine. It’s one of the key features of blockHQ which clearly differentiates us from other contemporary applications.
BlockHQ offers an extensive, rich API management infrastructure which brings you a unique way of expanding your capabilities. The advantages of the blockHQ API is as follows; • Flexible & dynamic digital ecosystem. • Increased Agility. • A seamless user experience for customers. • Maximum security of data
blockHQ is a platform with the capacity to provide a fully-fledged and innovative IAM. With BlockHQ, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits not found in any contemporary identity management system. • Ease of access. • Future proof customizable connectivity. • Improved productivity. • Improved user experience. • Fully fledged security to each and every aspect. • Platform agnostic connectivity.

The blockHQ platform provides unparalleled access to your building data set. It can connect devices such as sensors and cameras to generating information related to facilities management, building occupancy and the usage of your properties and utilities. We provide easily relatable analytics to building owners and managers to help manage the asset life-cycles of their building portfolios.

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blockHQ helping RMIT !

Our mobile app teamchain is being trialled by RMIT property services with the hope of deploying across the RMIT property portfolio including the city and bandoora campuses and in Vietnam.

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