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blackblock IoT solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with your existing sensors and devices. We provide a rage of end to end solutions incorporating building management systems, fire safety systems, HVAC, electricity & lighting systems as well as security, CCTV and access control
Vision analytics uses machine learning and scene recognition algorithms to analyse video feeds at up-to 20 frames per second. Compatible with HD, stereo vision & depth sensing cameras providing analytics of your facility occupancy levels while maintaining complete privacy of your CCTV feeds.
Real-time Big Data analysis requires greater computing power. Distributed processing allows you to optimise local processing capabilities while making available the power of cloud processing without losing control of your data.

bb is a R&D project currently supporting sensors, device and systems integration within your build environment connecting all your data-sets into one unified data stream. bb vision brings cutting edge scene analytics and distributed processing supporting HD, Stereo Vision & depth sensing CCTV analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.


blockHQ helping RMIT !

Our mobile app teamchain is being trialled by RMIT property services with the hope of deploying across the RMIT property portfolio including the city and bandoora campuses and in Vietnam.

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