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Simple building management

A building service orchestration platform for property owners, managers and service contractors. Helping to manage facilities better, by forecasting service levels, preparing budgets and evaluating lifecycles of buildings and properties.

What does a full stack blockHQ building look like?

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Simple buildingĀ management platform

The blockHQ platform provides unparalleled access to your building data set. It can connect devices such as sensors and cameras to generating information related to facilities management, building occupancy and the usage of your properties and utilities. We provide easily relatable analytics to building owners and managers to help manage the asset life-cycles of their building portfolios.

Cloud Software

teamchain mobile app

The teamchain mobile back-end enables 21st-century customer service in one conclusive app. Available in android and iOS, you can use teamchain for employees and team members for time-sheet entry, communication or any structured data collection effort by creating custom forms.

Access Management

blackblock (bb) integration & innovation

bb is a R&D project currently supporting sensors, device and systems integration within your build environment connecting all your data-sets into one unified data stream. bb vision brings cutting edge scene analytics and distributed processing supporting HD, Stereo Vision & depth sensing CCTV analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.


blockHQ helping RMIT !

Our mobile app teamchain is being trialled by RMIT property services with the hope of deploying across the RMIT property portfolio including the city and bandoora campuses and in Vietnam.

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