Creating value through engagement – empowering you communities

2nd October 2018

What if all the humans think alike and act similar? Well, you can wish for it, but it will never […]

Building integration – Road to smart buildings

2nd October 2018

You, as the owner of a single building or multiple buildings, will most probably have appointed one or more building […]

Building life cycle forecast

2nd October 2018

You must have heard the famous saying “Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything” from a monologue from William […]

Building asset management

2nd October 2018

Your organization may own at least one building or multiple buildings. But, do you know whether the assets in your […]

Removing anxiety from building management

30th September 2018

Building management is a core aspect in facilities management. Due to necessity of building management to the proper functioning of […]


29th September 2018

In a world where the level of technological advancement is increasing exponentially, human labour is becoming obsolete. Many organizations are […]

Internet of things (IoT)

29th September 2018

Conversational systems are built in order to converse with humans logically to assist them. The specialty of these systems includes […]

The future of facilities management

31st August 2018

The facility management services market is reaching an all time high in most parts of the world. In fact, it […]

Do they create any value at all?

31st August 2018

The energy cost for commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the US is estimated at $400 billion. (Eia.gov, 2018) The […]

99 problems

3rd July 2018

99 problems, but a centralised organisational system aint one. Every modern business has countless sets of operations and processes, and […]